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Whether its sailing, surfing, kayaking, swimming, bodyboarding or windsurfing, there are few better places in the world to be than the western part of the Dingle Peninsula.

Unfortunately, we don?t do boat hire but there is no need when you have a sailing club nearby, which runs courses for adults and children alike.

If surfing?s your thing, there is plenty of action to be had locally or on Inch Strand or at Castlegregory.

Transport and classes are also available all summer from the Dingle Surf Shop. All equipment supplied, of course.

If you don?t have your own kayak don?t worry, rent one from us at a reasonable rate. It goes without saying that we supply life-jackets as well. Dedicated tours and classes are also available from Dingle-based Irish Adventures.

We all know Irish waters are cold but believe it or not west Kerry is warmer than most thanks to the Atlantic drift. And if you don?t believe us just ask Met Eireann. So, you have no excuse. The hardier among the locals are quite happy to indulge in the annual Christmas Day swim so you have no excuse the rest of the year!

And if you?re into windsurfing, you will already know about the delights of the Dingle Peninsula so no need to say more. But even if you?re not, you will enjoy this video.